Smart Technologies to Ensure Safety at Home

Technology plays an important role in our lives especially in this information era. We now use technology in different activities that we do every day. Even in our houses. Now, technology has also played an important role in enhancing security in our house.

Security technology has developed rapidly, merging with smart technology to provide us the ability to safeguard our homes. There are many smart technologies that you can now install in different parts of your house such as your roof and you can even try to ask a service like roofing Lethbridge AB for an installation of these technologies.

Before this technology could be expensive that people did not try to bother to experience the numerous advantages that this technology could provide. However, now they have become cheap and affordable, so there is no reason for you to avoid installing and trying what they can give you.

1.Biometric Technology

This technology allows you to unlock your phone with an eye or a fingerprint. The same thing applies now to your houses. You can now operate your smart home through your mobile device apps. There are two different methods for this. First, the fingerprint recognition technology that can either take a digital picture of your fingerprint. Second, the facial recognition technology which involves mapping some of the features of your face like the curve of your eyes, the distance between your two eyebrows, your chin, cheeks, and other facial features.

2.Smoke Alarms

The new version of the smoke alarm is able to communicate with you like how a human does. It allows you to know what is the problem, and identify the cause and location. This is a response to the old smoke alarm technology that goes off without providing you enough data if the fire, leading to potential fire accidents.

3.Motion detector (with HD Camera)

One example of this is the cacoon, which is a smart house security device that combines the benefits of an HD camera, motion detection, and good sound technology to sense some activity through your house. This will help you minimize the chances of letting some intruders inside your house.

4.Garage door technology

It has been a thing to be able to open and close your garage door through a button. But now, you can do more than this. You can now access control of your garage door through your smartphone app. This allows more security on your side.

5.Lighting through smartphones

A well-lighted house especially in the night shies away some intruders and burglars lurking around and waiting for an opportune moment to sneak and barge into your house. It is not safe to go out and turn the lights on whenever you hear some sounds outside your house. Now, you can do this through your smartphone. This is a better alternative than manual labor.


There are still many good smart technologies you can install inside and outside your house that will help enhance the security of your family. So, if you have the budget, then try some of these technologies for an upgrade.